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5S Presentation Online Program


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In this online course we will cover the following topics through the seven sections.

  • Introduction and 5S Basics
    • Introduce the Purpose and Objectives of this presentation.
    • Explain what 5S is.
    • Introduce each S.
    • Introduce the Principles of 5S.
    • Introduce the Benefits of 5S.
  • 5S Implementation Steps
    • Preparation
    • Importance of Visuals
    • Planning and Action Steps
  • 1st S Sort
    • The What, Why and How of Sort
    • Explain Red Tagging
    • Cover Preparation for Sorting
    • Cover what to sort and tag
    • How to deal with tagged items
    • Dealing with Resistence
    • Before and After Examples
  • 2nd S Straighten
    • The Why and How of Straighten
    • Planning and Preparation for it
    • What it means.
    • Inventory and Storage considerations
    • Labeling and Marking
    • Suggestion for handling parts and tools
    • Before and After Examples
  • 3rd S Shine or Sweep
    • The What, Why and How of Shine
    • Importance of Shine
    • Cover Preparation for Shine
    • Shine is more than cleaning
    • Planning to keep it up
    • Before and After Examples
  • 4th S Standardize
    • The Why and Need for Standardizing
    • Importance and Benefits of them
    • Considerations in developing standards
    • Planning for their implementation
    • The need to test them
    • Tools and ideas that help
    • What to apply them to
    • Before and After Examples
  • 5th S Sustain
    • How it relates to the other 4 S's
    • What makes it Critical
    • The Why and How of Sustain
    • Leadership's Role
    • Importance of Motivation
    • Tools and Ideas for Sustain
    • Before and After Examples
  • Achieving Excellence in 5S
    • World Class defined
    • Hints to achieve it
    • Key Lessons

The Program access instructions and course enrolment key come as a downloadable text file upon payment completion.

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  • Model: otc0002

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No slide maybe printed except those suggested in the notes to be used as handouts.

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User Definition

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Product Version Restrictions

Product Versions

Due to recent changes in the copyright agreements with many of our third party partners in the development of the materials we sell on this site we are going to be adding new versions of our presentations, and simulation games, which will allow editing to different degrees.

The first items to come out will allow Text Edits only, these will be followed by more updated and redesigned materials that will allow other items than just the text to be edited. As they become available more detailed description of the rights and options accompanying each will be added here.

Current Version Descriptions and Rights

Non-edit Versions there is no direct way to edit the text or any other feature of the materials. You can only use the materials in two ways; as is which includes the right to eliminate any slides you wish from the presentation or simulation game (though it would be less than helpful to do so with the games; and secondly you can use our materials and add slides of your own design to them, you may not however imply that those slides are the result of work conducted by ELSE Inc. These versions will remain as our standard base version.

Text Edit Versions with these versions you may translate, or adjust the materials to suit your needs, however you cannot redesign them in any way to become a totally unrelated product. You must also clearly indicate what you have changed in the slides and to what extent the material is no longer the material produced by ELSE Inc. No images may be extracted or used for any purpose other than one strictly related to what they are used for in the presentation or simulation we created. Additional materials added by you allow you to add your copyright to the material as well as your logo’s only were your materials are included. Under no circumstance should and ELSE Inc. logo, statement or footer be removed from the materials.

More versions will be add soon.

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