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Standardized Work Presentation

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The Standard Work Presentation is designed to help you learn to write standard work instructions, to determine standard work in process, takt time and much more, by understanding what Lean standard work is. Our especially designed presentation offers examples and case studies.

Fluctuation in quality occurs when guidelines are not consistently met, possibly due to the lack of a baseline procedure that every worker follows. With our Standardized Work Presentation, your team can understand and build—through the different forms and diagrams charting your progress—standardized work procedures that will become the foundation for your company’s future improvements.

Our Standardized Work Presentation illustrates the different ways of documenting the operating procedures your company currently has. From there, you can develop “best practices” that anticipate the pace of customer demands and allow for a more streamlined process that can be improved over time.

Standardized Work Presentation advocates proper documentation of procedures and guidelines to make training new operators easier. In our module, we provide you with such charts to keep track of your best practices.

Concepts such as takt time, work sequence, and standardized work-in-progress are broken down and explained so that your team can adapt these theories to fit practical applications. Armed with this knowledge, your team can effectively apply Lean principles to continuously improve your baseline standards.

Through our Standardized Work Presentation, your company will be able to have a good foundation for perfecting your process—an endeavor that will yield more benefits over time.

Our Standard Work Presentation is supported by the Standard Work Simulation Game (coming soon) and the standard work forms (standard work combination sheet, standard work template) (coming soon). We strongly recommend that they are used together during the training session, because this way your team can experience the true power of what they’ve learned.

Briefly, Standard Work is the consistent performance of a task by all employees in same job classification, with respect to:

  1. Takt Time
    • Set the pace to meet the customer demand
  2. Work Sequence
    • Everyone performs the work using a standard method
      • Standardized Work Combination (SWC) Chart
      • Standardized Work Diagram (SWD)
      • Standardized Work Instructions
  3. Standardized Work-In-Process
    • Establish the minimum running stock to be kept at the work stations

This is exactly the subject of this presentation.


The objectives of this training material are:

  • To learn how to prepare and create standardized work.
  • To use the forms and charts required
  • To know how to time a process or person
  • To understand how to identify elements to study

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe and implement the lean principles of Standardized Work and its elements:
  • Takt Time (TT)
  • Work Sequence
  • Standardized Work Combination (SWC) Chart
  • Standardized Work Diagram (SWD)
  • Standardized Work Instructions
  • Standardized Work in Process (SWIP)


  • Standardized work Definition
  • Benefits of Standard Work
  • Elements of Standardized Work
    • Takt Time
    • Work sequence
    • Standardized Work In Process (SWIP)
  • Steps to Create Standardized Work
    • Area Layout
    • Standardized Work Combination Table
    • Standard Work Analysis Sheet
    • Standard Work Instruction
  • Case Study, Examples
  • Conclusions

Based on the above, you can clearly see the benefits of the Standardized Work Presentation and training material, of understanding standard work. It offers not only the theoretical components of the training, but also the step-by-step instructions that constitute the roadmap of implementing a standard work instruction.

Moreover, it offers the chance of discussing a standard work case study and go through some examples.

Resources Include

  • Standard Work Presentation (slides)
  • Trainer Manual (footnotes that explain each slide)
  • Trainee Manual (presentation slides and space for notes)

The presentation comes as a downloadable zip file, available upon payment. Includes uneditable PDF and PowerPoint (2007-10) versions of presentation and supporting PDF files.

Additional Information

  • Model: pre0015

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