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One Piece Flow Game

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One Piece Flow Simulations can help you enhance efficiency and identify waste throughout a work system in a way that is both visual and engaging.

At ELSE Inc., we engineered a One Piece Flow game that not only incorporates Lean concepts but fosters teamwork as well. One Piece Flow simulations such as these demonstrate various important concepts, like the contrast between the traditional mass production system and the Lean Manufacturing system. The One Piece Flow game allows players to understand the dynamics necessary to maximize throughput and minimize losses and inventory. It also allows you to realize the advantages of advanced production techniques.

The One Piece Flow Simulation (also known as The Lean Manufacturing Continuous Flow Simulation Game) is one of the top simulation games and brings your team together to learn by playing. It uses standard building blocks, which are sold separately, as the One-Piece Flow building blocks kit.

This simulation is supported by the Continuous Flow Presentation. We strongly recommend that they are used together during the training session, because this way your team can experience the true power of what they’ve learned.

Briefly, achieving Continuous Product Flow means that all the tasks and activities are performed in such a way that the product proceeds from design to launch, order to delivery, and raw materials into the hands of the customer with no stoppages, scrap, or back flows.

Just learning the concepts is not enough to feel a deep sense of understanding. By actively experimenting with One Piece Flow simulations and applying what they’ve learned, in the safe environment of the classroom, yet being able to make mistakes and truly learn what works and what does not, the team engages in a new way of Lean thinking that will be very beneficial at the moment when they will actually perform the workshop and put in practice, in the real workplace, what they’ve learned.

Case Study

Company Name: Space Robotics Corp.

  • Traditional (batch) manufacturing set-up
  • Produces a high quality product
  • Has large inventories
  • Cannot deliver on time
  • Has negotiated a new contract and it must improve their throughput

How will they manage to change their way of thinking and improve their operational effectiveness?

There’s one way to discover this: Get in the game!


The game is designed for groups of 6-8 people. If you have more players, just buy more Mega Bloks (micro blocks) or Lego pieces and use the same instructions. It can be seen as a competition between teams.

The purpose of the game is to prove the benefits of:

  • implementing continuous flow (one-piece flow) and
  • balancing the work load

By playing three rounds (assembling robots from Lego, before and after implementing a One Piece Flow system and then balancing the work), we will demonstrate how we can increase the throughput while using the same number of people


  • Introduction of the One Piece Flow Simulation
    • Operations Description
    • Game Rules
    • Data Collection
    • Robot Assembly Picture, Bill Of Material
  • Play Round 1 – Mass Production
    • Work cell layout, Assembly Visual Aids for every station
    • Collect Data and Identify Opportunities
  • Play Round 2 – One-Piece Flow
    • New Work Layout, Same Assembly Visual Aids
    • Collect Data and Identify Opportunities
  • Play Round 3 – Balanced Work
    • Same Work Layout, New Assembly Visual Aids for every station
    • Collect Data
  • Discussions based on Results

Resources Include

  • Continuous Flow Simulation (slides)
  • Trainer Manual (footnotes that explain each slide)
  • Trainee Manual (presentation slides and space for notes)
  • Cell layout
  • Operator Work Instructions
  • Printable data sheet

Please note: If you already have building blocks or intend to purchase the blocks yourself for this One Piece Flow Game, please click here for a list of parts required.

The simulation game comes as a downloadable zip file, available upon payment. Includes uneditable PDF and PowerPoint (2007-10) versions of presentation and supporting PDF files.

Additional Information

  • Model: gam0005

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