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5S Training

There are several ways you can obtain 5S training.

  1. Reading material about it (including these pages)
  2. Attending a workshop
  3. Visiting non-competitive business that are more advanced in implementing it and have a training program available
  4. Inviting a lean consultant to train your people at your workplace.
  5. Finding and joining a lean consortium in your area, where you can share in the expenses for training and have the advantage of plant tours and shared resources
  6. Hiring a lean manufacturing manager/champion who already possesses the lean knowledge and have them do the training
  7. Taking an online 5S Training program.

You can think, probably, of other ways too

Depending on your circumstances, follow any combination of the above.

This training is very important to give you the know-how of how to implement the program successfully and even more important, how to sustain it.

So, learn as much as you can and then, stick to your plan.

Our 5S Training Options

  1. 5S Online Training Program
  2. 5S DVD Presentation
  3. For those with an internal trainer
    1. 5S Workplace Organization Presentation
    2. 5S Simulation Game