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Visual Factory

Visual Factory Definition

Visual Factory is an operational philosophy based on fast absorption of information through highly visible mean allowing you to make effective decisions.

In simple words it means: Organize, Standardize, Communicate.

It can be seen as an integral part of the 5S Program.


  • Visual layout
  • Production control boards
  • Shadow boards
  • Color coded bins for scrap, rework
  • Horns, lights, information display boards
  • Inventory control cards (kanban cards)


  • Workstations identified
  • Exit and caution signs, fire extinguishers, emergency procedures visible
  • Part racks and drop areas identified
  • Lines to distinguish work areas, aisles
  • Containers labeled and accessible
  • Equipment operating procedures visible
  • TPM charts display maintenance of machinery
  • Quality check sheets and productivity data sheets filled out
  • Operation standards and process flow mapped out at each station
  • Process control boards visible and updated

There are many more applications you can think of.