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What Lean Tools to Choose?

Are you having problems deciding on the best lean manufacturing tools for your application?

It is indeed overwhelming to have to choose among so many options.

Probably the best thing is to start by gaining a clear understanding of each of them.

For the purpose of keeping it to the point, we’ll post the main ones and then, you can study each of them and decide on your course of action.

The order is alphabetical.

1. 5S Organization

2. Andon

3. Autonomation

4. Autonomous Maintenance

5. Heijunka or Level Production

6. Jidoka

7. Kanban

8. Kaizen

9. Poka Yoke or Error Proofing

10. SMED Quick Changeover

11. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

12. Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

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