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Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance the First Step in a Successful TPM Implementation

Autonomous maintenance involves operators performing routine tasks focused on preventing early equipment deterioration, controlling contamination.

If you need detailed instructions there is a TPM Training Package available for immediate use.

There are 7 steps of implementation

  1. Perform initial cleaning
    • Eliminate dirt and contamination
    • Identify abnormal conditions
    • Identify sources of quality defects
    • Identify inaccessible places
  2. Address contamination sources
    • Reduce housekeeping by eliminating sources of dirt and – contamination
    • Improve parts that are hard to clean
    • Inspect
    • Lubricate
    • Tighten
  3. Establish cleaning, lubrication, and inspection standards
    • Formulate work standards that help maintain cleaning, – lubricating, etc.
    • Improve inspection efficiency through visual controls
  4. Conduct general inspection training
    • Inspection skills training
    • Get equipment into top condition through thorough general inspection
    • Modify equipment to facilitate inspecting
    • Make extensive use of visual controls
  5. Carry out inspection autonomously
    • Standardize maintenance activities and build into operating procedures