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TPM Implementation

The Total Productive Maintenance implementation consists of 11 Steps in 4 stages.

For practical purposes we developed a TPM training package.

Preparation Stage

Step 1: Announce top management decision to introduce TPM

Step 2: Start education and training to introduce TPM

Step 3: Create an organizational structure to support TPM

Step 4: Establish basic TPM policies and goals

Step 5: Prepare Master Plan for TPM development

Preliminary Implementation

Step 6: Hold TPM Kick-off (company-wide address)

TPM Implementation

Step 7-1: Improve effectiveness of each piece of equipment

Step 7-2: Develop an autonomous maintenance program

Step 7-3: Develop a scheduled maintenance program for the maintenance department

Step 7-4: Conduct training to improve operation and maintenance skills

Step 8: Develop a new product & early equipment management program

Step 9: Build a maintenance quality organizational structure

Step 10: Improve efficiency of indirect operations


Step 11: Perfect the TPM implementation and raise TPM levels.