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TPM Training

Indeed, where to start your TPM training?

There is a vast array of literature and training on Total Productive Maintenance available.

The best option is to start by reading about TPM, as you are doing right now. We always suggest start with what is free and than moving on to sources you pay for, after all unless you know a little bit how can you choose among the commercial offerings.

We also offer a TPM training Presentation and Simulation to assist you in learning about it and even training the other members of your team.

Other options for TPM Training include:

  1. Attending a TPM course
  2. Bringing in a TPM consultant
  3. Joining, if possible, a nearby lean consortium
  4. Visiting non-competitive businesses that have experience in TPM training and implementation
  5. Hire a lean manufacturing manager who can teach your employees and start the actual implementation process
  6. Learn by doing it. Start with the Autonomous Maintenance part and follow the implementation steps.

You know, so much is just common sense:

  • writing down the main issues with the equipment from operators and maintenance personnel
  • collecting information from the equipment manuals about regular inspections and Preventative Maintenance (PM) tasks as recommended by the original equipment manufacturer
  • making a schedule and ensuring that all activities are being followed accordingly

So, take time and learn on your own before you attempt to jump into expensive learning programs.

Setup Steps for TPM Training Program

  1. Choose or design a TPM Training program for your Organization.
  2. Choose one area to use as your pilot area.
  3. Provide your TPM Training Program to those in the pilot area.
  4. Implement and Test the program in a pilot area.
  5. Evaluate the success in the pilot area.
  6. Adjust the program accordingly and repeat steps 2 to 6 until you have it working well.
  7. Create a plan to implement TPM in other areas.
  8. Provide TPM Training to each new area as the first step in implementing your TPM Program.
  9. Regularly re-evaluate it to see if changes need to be made (life isn’t static neither should any program be).