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5 Whys Training DVD


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This is the DVD version of our 5 Whys Presentation

5 Whys Training DVD is designed to help you learn how to continually improve your operations by using a root cause determination tool, part of the problem solving method.

Briefly, 5Why is:

  • Root Cause Analysis tool
  • Part of the Problem Solving Techniques
  • The outcome of the 5 Why’s analysis is identifying the reason(s) why the problem originated

It is not:

  • A complicated technique
  • The resolution of the problem itself

Objectives of the DVD

The objectives of this training dvd are:

  • Explain in detail the 5 Why’s as a root cause analysis tool
  • Teach how to apply it effectively in day-to-day activities
  • Provide examples of using 5 Why’s in both, transactional & manufacturing environments

Video Covers These Topics

  • 5 Why’s Overview
    • What is (or is not) 5 Why’s
    • 5 Why’s General Rules
  • 5 Why’s Details
    • 1st Why
    • 2nd Why
    • 3rd Why
    • 4th Why
    • 5th Why
    • “Why” Graph
  • 5 Why Examples
  • Conclusions

Based on the above, you can clearly see the benefits of this training material, about 5 Whys or root cause analysis. It offers not only the theoretical components of the training, but also the step-by-step instructions that constitute the roadmap of successfully using 5 Why.

Moreover, it offers the chance of discussing concrete examples.

Resources Include

  • DVD Presentation
  • Video Length is 21:28
  • Downloadable Printable Trainee Workbook (presentation slides and space for notes)

This Presentation comes as a dvd which will be shipped to you, by the shipping option you choose at checkout, and a downloadable PDF file for the trainee workbook.

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Price: $124.99
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