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Ergonomics Presentation


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If you’re a company seeking to improve your work process and the efficiency of your workers, applying the concept of Ergonomics on your production floor can play a critical factor. Our Ergonomics Presentation guided by Lean Principles is the ideal solution for introducing the highly effective science of Ergonomics to your company.

Our training material provides a comprehensive and practical guide to enhancing total system performance through Ergonomics. Apply this powerful tool effectively at minimal costs by downloading our presentation today.

The Ergonomics Training Presentation is designed to help you learn how to implement a robust system to ensure that the workforce in your organization is enjoying good health by having a good understanding of its fundamental issues and solutions.

Briefly, Ergonomics is made up of two Latin words: Ergo (work) & Nomics (the study of).

  • Ergonomics is a component of Industrial Engineering.
  • Ergonomics is a Science – Fitting jobs to people and their capabilities.
  • Ergonomics is also an Attitude – A way of looking at the workplace differently.
  • Design for what people are physically good at and design against what they are not physically good at.

The field of Ergonomics is broadly divided into:

  1. Physical ergonomics: is concerned with human anatomical, anthropometric, physiological and biomechanical characteristics as they relate to physical activity.
  2. Cognitive ergonomics: is concerned with mental processes, such as perception, memory, reasoning, and motor response, as they affect interactions among humans and other elements of a system.
  3. Organizational ergonomics: is concerned with the optimization of socio-technical systems, including their organizational structures, policies, and processes.

Through our Ergonomics Presentation, you can determine the areas of concern in your processes and production floor then correct and enhance them to achieve the productivity and efficiency you’re aiming for. If applied consistently throughout your production, the Ergonomics Presentation will yield for your workroom a decrease in injuries, illnesses and workers’ compensation costs. Other effects can be a decrease in absenteeism and turnover, increased efficiency at work, increased physical well-being, and increase in employee morale.

With ergonomic principles in the workplace, you can also address work-related injuries such as cumulative trauma disorders, repetitive stress injuries and repetitive motion injuries. Our Ergonomics Presentation is designed to minimize such risk factors in the workplace. Your end results: increased productivity, improved overall quality of work, and a healthier workforce.


The objectives of this training material are:

  • To provide a general awareness of ergonomics
  • To provide examples of how ergonomics is integrated with Lean and Lean Six Sigma projects
  • To provide additional information for project team training
  • To serve as an additional reference guide for process improvement teams


  • Ergonomics Basics
  • Definition
  • History
  • Optimal Human Performance
  • Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD)
  • Case Studies (Carrying loads, standing/seated workstation, etc.)
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Ergonomic Tools
  • Ergonomic Action Form
  • Workstation design guidelines
  • Examples (twist, bend, bottom up, reach, hungry head, etc.)

Based on the above, you can clearly see the benefits of this training material, about Ergonomics. It offers not only the theoretical components of the training, but also numerous examples and guidelines.

Moreover, it offers the chance of going through some useful case studies.

Resources Include

  • Ergonomics Presentation (slides)
  • Manual (footnotes that explain each slide)
  • Trainee Manual (presentation slides and space for notes)

The presentation comes as a downloadable zip file, available upon payment. Includes uneditable PDF and PowerPoint (2007-10) versions of presentation and supporting PDF files.

Price: $74.99
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