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Error Proofing or Poka Yoke Training DVD


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This is the Training DVD version of our Error Proofing (Poka Yoke) Presentation

ELSE Inc.’s Error Proofing or Poka Yoke Training DVD was produced to allow those organizations without dedicated Lean traners to learn about Error Proofing and to help them achieve quality at the source by performing through it.

Often minor mistakes and defects may seem unimportant during the initial moment of production, but the reality is they are just the tip of a massive iceburg of waste.

The guiding rule of “poka yoke” (or “fail-safe” in Japanese) is to stop mistakes even before they happen.

Through our Poka Yoke DVD, you will be able to learn practical poka yoke steps that manufacturers can use on their production floor. This empowers workers to become problem-solvers and quality controlers not just operators. The use of Error Proofing will result in you making better products and perfecting the process, while reducing production time.

This DVD is supported by the Poka Yoke Game. We recommend that they are used together during the training session, because this way your team can experience the true power of what they’ve learned.

The Error Proofing Presentation DVD will teach you how to increase quality and efficiency through preventive measures, instead of through containment. The goal is to prevent defects by fixing mistakes before passing they are passed to the next step. Thus you reduce the possibility of a defect reaching the customer.

In our Poka Yoke DVD, you will learn that this principle involves the implementation of fail-safe ways methods that detect or prevent human and machine error at or near the source.

They provides instant feedback and prevention of quality problems.

Topics Covered

  • Poka Yoke Basics
    • Definition
    • Error Proofing vs. Mistake Proofing
    • Basic Error Proofing Process
    • Causes for Errors
  • Error Proofing Strategies
    • Utilize Error Proofing features in design
    • Utilize Error Proofing as a preventative tool
    • Apply Poka-Yoke methods as control on identified issues
      • Reduce and/or eliminate process errors from occurring
      • Reduce and/or eliminate process defects from occurring
  • Error Proofing Examples
  • Case Studies
  • Poka Yoke Implementation
  • Applicability and Conclusions

Anyone can see the benefits of Poka Yoke and our Error Proofing DVD can help you realize them. We suggest that you pause the video occasionally to allow discussions to occur.

Resources Include

  • DVD Presentation
  • Video Length is 44:22
  • Printable Trainee Workbook (presentation slides and space for notes)

This Presentation comes as a dvd which will be shipped to you, by the shipping option you choose at checkout, and a downloadable PDF file for the trainee workbook.

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Price: $124.99
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