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Introduction to Process Capability Presentation


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The Process Capability Presentation is designed to help you learn how to implement a robust system to measure your process capability in your organization by having a good understanding of its fundamentals and implementation steps.

Traditionally, process capability studies are performed to assess a process relative to specifications criteria. Performed correctly, such a study not only gives us a clear and data based picture of the process but, if the statistical conditions are followed, can very well foresee – short and long term – how the process will perform in the future. How powerful is that?

Statisticians often challenge the usefulness of the traditional capability indexes – Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk -. You will be able to easily identify some of the aspects that make the effectiveness of process capability very much dependent on the individual ability to understand the statistical concepts.

In our Introduction to Process Capability module we will explain many of the fundamental concepts that allow the reader to start in the right way.

  1. We will describe the new way of looking at the quality in general according to Genichi Taguchi, a famous Japanese engineer and statistician.
  2. We will also make clear to the reader the difference between the Voice of the Customer – VOC – and the Voice of the Process – VOP -.
  3. What are the steps required to put in place a robust system for accurately measuring Process Capability?
  4. What is the difference between Short and Long term data?
  5. We will discuss in more detail how to calculate Process Capability when we have normal data.


The objectives of this training material are:

  • Calculate the probability of occurrence of a defect using the Z transform
  • Calculate and interpret Zscore or sigma level
  • Interpret normality tests
  • Explain the difference between short and long term capability estimates and why they are different


  • Purpose of Process Capability
  • Traditional Definition of Quality
  • Process Capability for Variable Data
  • Customer Requirements
  • Data Collection
  • Process stability
  • Data Normality
  • Process Characterization
  • Capability Indices
  • Exercise – The tennis ball
  • Appendix

Based on the above, you can clearly see the benefits of this training material, about Process Capability and methodology. It offers not only the theoretical components of the training, but also the step-by-step instructions that constitute the roadmap of implementing a system to determine your process capability.

Moreover, it offers the chance of going through some useful examples.

Resources Include

  • Process Capability Presentation (slides)
  • Trainer Manual (footnotes that explain each slide)
  • Trainee Manual (presentation slides and space for notes)

The presentation comes as a downloadable zip file, available upon payment. Includes uneditable PDF and PowerPoint (2007-10) versions of presentation and supporting PDF files.

Price: $74.99
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