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Lean Essentials Pocketbook (Printable)


Price: $9.99

Our Lean Essentials Pocketbook is the result of many customer requests for a simple tool that can help staff at all levels remember key parts of Lean, in a tool that can easily fit into their pocket.

The book is designed so that you can easily print them yourself as needed (they are designed so you get two books from 9 sheets of paper printed on both sides). Cut the paper in half and place a couple staples in the center and your employees will have something easily folded and stuffed into a pocket, so they have it when and where it is needed.

It has 29 information packed pages that are written in simple to understand English.


The pocketbook will be used by the employees as an easy to use resource, to remind them of key features of main Lean tools and concepts. It contains a Lean Glossary and main Lean tools with key points for workshops.

Resources Include

  • Lean Essentials Pocketbook pdf

The pocketbook comes as a Printable PDF file in downloadable zip file, available upon payment.

Price: $9.99
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