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Lean Manufacturing Overview DVD


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This is our new Lean Manufacturing Overview DVD. It makes maximum use of visual images to enhance the Lean learning experience, and improve people’s ability to retain the information being shared, by providing them strong visual cues. In countless studies over the last several years it has been consistently found that people respond better to visual pointers than written words.

We recommend that you stop for discussion at the end of each section, to enrich the training experience with personal observations and engage the trainees. And it can also be used for individual training, instead of group training, because it is a complete training material.

This DVD is based upon the Lean Overview Presentation and is supported by the Lean Ball Game and the Lean Manufacturing Assessment.

Topics Covered

  • What is Lean section Covers (9:56)
    • Basic Structure of the Lean Business Model
    • The key basic features upon which Lean is Built
    • The two key concepts that control operations
    • Lastly the essential attitude and practice that keeps it going forward
  • Why Lean (5:02)
    • Focus on creating customer Value and Satisfaction
    • Helps lower costs
    • Speeds up all processes including design
    • Improves internal morale and performance
  • History of Lean (10:16)
    • Learn about the people behind Lean
    • The problems it solved for those who have used it.
  • Lean Implementation Steps (5:54)
    • Identify Value
    • Map its Creation
    • Get Process to Flow Steadily
    • Develop Pull from the customer
    • Pursue Perfection
  • Introduction to Lean Tools (12:44)
    • Tools for Direction
    • Tools for Diagnosis (Problem Solving)
    • Tools for Action

Video Length Approximately 44 Minutes.

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Price: $124.99
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