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Practical Problem Solving Training DVD


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This is the Training DVD version of our Practical Problem Solving Presentation

Practical Problem Solving Training DVD was produced to help you learn how to find solutions to the problems your organization is facing.

Briefly, Practical Problem Solving is:

  • Enabling and Equipping your people to solve problems
  • It teaches the relationship between finding a root cause and solution development


The objectives of this training material are:
  • To explain practical ways of solving problems in your organization
  • To give examples that can assist in the use of the problem solving techniques

The agenda is:

  • Problem Solving Basics
  • 8D (Eight-Discipline Problem Solving Method)
  • PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, Control)
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • Pareto Charts
  • Root Cause Analysis Methodology:
    • Fishbone Diagram (aka C&E Diagram, Ishikawa)

Based on the above, you can clearly see the benefits of this training material, about Practical Problem Solving. It offers excellent and practical place to start problem solving training, including examples that will help your people understand the basics.

Resources include:

  • Practical Problem Solving Training DVD
  • Trainee Manual (printable PDF with presentation slides images and space for notes)

This Presentation comes as a dvd which will be shipped to you, by the shipping option you choose at checkout, and a downloadable PDF file for the trainee workbook.

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Price: $124.99
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