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Statistical Process Control Presentation


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The Statistical Process Control Presentation is designed to help you learn how to implement a robust system to measure your process capability in your organization by having a good understanding of its fundamentals and implementation steps.

This presentation is supported by Statistical Process Capability Templates (SPC XandMR Chart and Trend Chart templates). We strongly recommend that they are used together during the training session, because this way your team can experience the true power of what they’ve learned.

  1. Briefly, Statistical Process Control:
    • Is the application of statistical tools and methods to provide feedback
    • Sets limits of expected common cause variation
    • Provides triggers for action (based on probabilities)
  2. Statistical Process Control before:
    • Usual focus of SPC tools was to look at output
    • Corrective action taken after output was out of control
    • Sometimes referred to as SPM (Statistical Process Monitoring)
  3. Statistical Process Control today :
    • Same tools, but an additional focus
    • Focus on inputs as well as outputs
    • Corrective action on inputs prior to output going out of control


The objectives of this training material are:

  • Understand key components of basic control charts
  • Elements of control charts
  • Rational sub-grouping
  • Common vs. special causes
  • Between subgroup variation vs. within subgroup variation
  • Differentiate between customer specification limits (VOC) and process control limits (VOP)
  • Understand that chart selection depends on the type of data
  • Control Charts for Variable Data
  • Control Charts for Attribute Data


  • SPC Basics
    • What is SPC
    • Definition of Expected Variation
    • Components of a Control chart
    • Control Charting method
  • SPC – Variable Data
  • I-MR: Individual, Moving Range Charts
  • X-bar-R: Mean, Range Charts
  • X-bar-S: Mean, Sigma Charts
  • SPC – Attribute Data
  • P-Charts
  • U-Charts
  • Chart Selection Exercise
  • Appendix:
    • Rational Sub-Grouping
    • Minitab Applications
    • NP-Charts
    • C-Charts

Based on the above, you can clearly see the benefits of this training material, about Statistical Process Control and methodology. It offers not only the theoretical components of the training, but also the step-by-step instructions that constitute the roadmap of implementing a statistical process control of your processes.

Moreover, it offers the chance of going through some useful exercises.

You should also consider the Introduction to Process Capability.

Resources Include

  • SPC Presentation (slides)
  • Trainer Manual (footnotes that explain each slide)
  • Trainee Manual (presentation slides and space for notes)

The presentation comes as a downloadable zip file, available upon payment. Includes uneditable PDF and PowerPoint (2007-10) versions of presentation and supporting PDF files.

Price: $49.99
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