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Team Selection and Team Management Tool Kit


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Managing Change is about creating teams that work effectively, which results in success. In order to create effective teams there are several key activities that should be undertaken, first in team selection and then later in managing the team. Since there is a wealth of project management tools both for sale and open source, we have not focused on what is their strong suit the handling of technical information in a defined and controlled manner, instead we focused on getting the Team Started in the right direction, and on ensuring that soft human relations issues are dealt with, as these are the most frequent cause for failure in improvement efforts.

The Selection Tool kit will help ensure that the right team is in place and that it will have a capable leader in place. Leadership should never be left to chance. The kit includes five activities that will guide managers in selecting the right people for the team.

Secondly the Team Management Tool Kit contents several activities and exercises that will, build team member understanding and relationships, while helping them reach a clear and unified understanding of the purpose of the team. It then helps them determine what changes need to be made, and develop an action plan to implement them. This kit has nine activities that will get them started in the right direction.

They are bundle together as they are natural and necessary compliments to each other.


  1. Purpose:
    • To Facilitate the Selection of a Good Team for a Project or Improvement Activity.
    • To aid Managers in Selecting the Right Team Members to Ensure Success.
  2. Agenda:
    • Purpose of Team
    • Stakeholder Group Identification
    • Group Member Selection Tool
    • Leader Selection Matrix
    • Decision and Reporting Structure

Team Management Tool Kit:

  1. Purpose:
    • Guide Leader and Team through Process of Using the Team Management Tool Kit.
    • Help the Team Get Focused through using the Tools in the Kit.
    • Provide advice to help improve team performance.
  2. Agenda:
    • Team Facilitation Tips
    • The Tools
      • Purpose of Team
      • Decision and Reporting Instructions
      • Team Understanding Activities
      • Justify the Change
      • Improvement Vision, Project, and Plan
      • Relationship Builder
      • Stakeholder Group Identification Tool
      • Stakeholder Communication Plan
      • Brainstorm Change Ideas and Focus the Ideas
      • Action Plan
    • Leader Tips

Resources include:

  • Team Selection Tool Kit (MS Excel file)
  • Team Selection Guidebook (printable PDF file)
  • Team Selection Guide Presentation (a PDF presentation)
  • Team Management Tool Kit (MS Excel file)
  • Team Management Leader Guidebook (printable PDF file)
  • Team Management Guide Presentation (a PDF presentation)
Price: $9.99
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