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About ELSE Inc

ELSE Inc. is your partner in presenting effective Lean games and simulations that can improve any employee’s understanding of Lean principles. We understand how difficult it is to explain concepts such as Lean, which is why lean simulations are so powerful. With our dynamic Lean presentations training sessions will become easy, smooth and most importantly, effective.

Our belief in the effectiveness of the Lean system, along with our deep understanding of Lean presentations and simulations has allowed us to create training materials that will successfully enhance the learning process. Our materials can help your employees understand the concepts behind waste-reduction and finding the best and most efficient workflow for your team.

We are just like you; we walked in your shoes. Yet, we are different from anybody else. In what sense?

We designed training materials such as Lean games, simulations and presentations with You in mind, always thinking: “What knowledge and practical tools do You need in order to start right away, and successfully implement the new ideas?” Certainly neither pure academic theory or general vague concepts, presented in guest speaker style, but rather straight to the point practical, and understandable.

We do not want to lecture you. We are Lean practitioners ourselves, living and breathing Lean and Continuous Improvement for many years.

Consequently, ELSE Inc. has designed modules that contain:

  1. Applicable Information
    • Presentations explained in down-to-earth terms, with plenty of examples and often case studies suited for group discussions
    • Clear instructions for implementation and understanding
  2. Lean Simulations and Games that bring, in the safe classroom environment, the “AHA!” moment, where deep understanding sets in
  3. Forms, check sheets, action plans and other supporting materials needed for the implementation of the ideas learned

Equipped with our materials (coming with trainer’s guides), most  people with basic Lean knowledge can easily handle delivering your  training.

Once you go through the material, case studies and discussions and,  even more powerful, after you get to play, as a team, by simulating an  actual process, you will learn the right thinking required to  implement the specific Lean tool.

You are ready now to take it to the next level, by engaging in the workshop designed to start the implementation stage.

In all of these, we follow the proven methodologies:

  • the PDCA cycle
    • Plan – Present the material
    • Do – Simulate
    • Check – Discuss results
    • Act – Start Pilot
  • the Training Within Industry methods
  • Preparing the people – with Needed Information
  • Presenting the operation – Case studies and discussions
  • Trying out the performance – Simulation
  • Following up – Pilot work

ELSE Inc. stands by our Lean training modules and we have fun while helping YOU find the true JOY of learning LEAN THINKING by actually doing it in a safe, non-threatening, team environment.

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I know

ELSE Inc. Lean Team

Thank You for Your Support.