We at ELSE Inc. have been growing and have had to recently update our website and in order to take into account the direction in which we are intending to grow we have had to move parts of our website around to make accommodations for these plans.

But all Lean believer’s need not worry Else Inc. is committed to retaining both our Lean Information Site and our Lean Materials Store, in fact we are looking to expanding both. We will always be your friend on your journey to better your organization’s operations.

You can find our Lean Store at this link or through the links in the main menu above.

You can find the Implement Lean site at this link or through the main menu above as well.

If you have what it takes to design and author training materials related to anything that promotes Continuous improvement, please check back with in the next couple weeks because we will be providing information on how you can submit them to us for resale to our large and growing customer base. We will be paying very generous royalties to our authors, but we will only consider authors that are serious about help others grow and improve their operations.


Else Inc. Owners and Staff