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ELSE Inc. designs Lean training presentations and games with both the trainer and trainee in mind, in order to provide a successful training experience.

  • Understandable and relative to the audience
  • Loaded with visuals
  • Delivers a memorable experience
Lean Presentations

One Piece Flow
Simulation Game

The One Piece Flow game allows players to understand the dynamics necessary to maximize throughput and minimize losses and inventory.

  • Benefits of implementing continuous flow (one-piece flow)
  • Balancing the work load
  • Improve operational effectiveness
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Continuous Flow &
One Piece Flow Presentation

Continuous Flow Presentation is designed to help you achieve Product Flow by performing a lean value flow analysis of the activities that create and support your product or service.

  • Introduce the Process to Achieve a Flow Line
  • Explain the Use of Flow Principles to Improve
  • Explain How to Balance the work and Achieve Flow
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Lean Online

Affordable functional, clear, understandable programs designed to help you develop your team, and empower them to succeed.

Lean Online Training


Bring Lean to life by having the team experience them through playing a simulation game designed to teach a specific method.

Lean Games

Lean DVD

Due to customer demand we have and are recording audio video versions of our popular training materials for Lean newcomers.

Lean DVDs


Clear, understandable presentations designed to help you train your team, and allow them to retain the lessons.

Lean Presentations

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ELSE Inc. sells Lean training materials to customers from small owner operated enterprises, to Fortune 100 companies, in every major industry, in more than 45 countries. Our Lean material design team all have 20 plus years of experience meeting their employer’s needs to constantly improve through Lean and various other means. (learn more)

Featured Products

Fundamentals of Lean Package

CODE: pac0005


This Fundamentals of Lean Package includes the Fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing Presentation, Lean Manufacturing Assessment and Lean Ball Game. Save by purchasing together.

5 Whys Presentation

CODE: pre0001


5Whys Presentation is designed to help you learn how to continually improve your operations by using a root cause determination tool, part of the problem solving method.

5S Training Package

CODE: pac0001


This 5S Package includes the 5S Presentation, 5S Audit Checksheet Template and 5S Game. Save by purchasing together.

A3 Training Package

CODE: pac0010

A3 Presentation and A3 Template Starter Set combined.

Continuous and One Piece Flow Training Package

CODE: pac0003


This Continuous and One Piece Flow Package includes the Continuous Flow or One Piece Flow Presentation and One Piece Flow Game (aka The lean Lego Game). Save by purchasing together.

Lean Blog

"Several months ago, I purchased the One Piece Flow materials, along with several cases of blocks. I appreciate your upgrade to the procedure, and really like the robot... I like your revision better for the purposes of the Lean simulation...I feel your lego block simulations do as good or a better job than other simulations I have seen including some costing over $1,000.00..."

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